Not much to say here - tried to operate OC on the shores of Lake Huron. Beautiful, sunny day, but COLD, and colder the longer I sat. So, I didn't sit so long. I brought a tripod so I could take some pix with the op at the key with the self timer, but it took me longer to set up than planned, so only these rather dull pictures.

I strung up a dipole between a couple of trees with fishing line. I'm not a fisherman so I didn't realize just how slippery that stuff is. With the onshore gale, every so often the signals would drop and I'd notice my antenna on the ground. Eventually I got them to stay, but it was hard to hear with the wind howling, and like I said, COLD! The weatherman tonite said it was 70 inland, 48 on the shore. Felt a lot colder.

A little tough to tell from the picture, but the blue box is an NC-20 with my wife's Milleneum Teal covering (gotta get some pix of that). The Whiterook paddle is partially hidden by the headphones. The Super Marvin coffee cup wasn't nearly big enough.

Operating Position



27 Dec 2004

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