Keys and Paddles

I have a few keys and paddles and one lonely bug. Here are pictures of most of them. The J-37 is out on loan so it's image is missing. I also have an old British navy key that I haven't been able to find lately. You may click on any of the images for a better look.

The Bencher lives with my K-1, and so generally it's what I use on 20. The Square Brass I use with my Icom, so it probably turns out to be the main paddle, since most of my operating lately has been 80 meter traffic. The Palm is in the car. See my mobile installation page for pictures of it in it's normal habitat. The Whiterook lives in my knapsack and mostly gets used for QRPTTF and FYBO. The J-38 and Milleneum Bug I mostly just look at. I still have an Arizona ScQRPions paddle I have yet to build.

Bencher BY-1


Vibroplex Square Brass

Vibroplex Milleneum Bug


Palm Paddle

Cedar Rapids Bug

Norcal Red Paddle

29 Apr 2006

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