Fireball 40


The New Jersey QRP Club puts out a little transmitter called the Fireball 40. This transmitter is based on a TTL oscillator for 10 meters. The 10 meter oscillator can be divided down by a pair of 74LS74's to operate on 20, 40 or 15. Parts are supplied for operation on 40.

Unassembled Kit

On the left is the fireball kit as received from the New Jersey QRP Club. The silver box is a 28 MHz oscillator. The 2 chips are dividers used to reduce the oscillator output down to 40 meters.

Completed Kit

The completed Fireball transmitter in the obligitory Altoids tin. In addition to the supplied parts, at the lower center is an additional toroid, cap and 2 diodes which comprise the TR switch.

The empty space to the right is for the optional 1 watt PA. Between the oscillator and the TR switch is space for a TICK keyer.


Here is another view of the transmitter. The transistor-like thing to the left of the closest 7474 is a three terminal regulator.

27 Dec 2004

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