District 4 ARES Formerly the Web Site of
Adams County ARES
Amateur Radio Emergency Service
    DeForest Amateur Radio Club

    District 4 is made up of ten Ohio counties...
    Adams, Brown, Butler, Clermont, Clinton, Hamilton, Highland, Pike, Scioto, and Warren
    Standard ARES Power Connector
    The connector is the 30 amp Anderson PowerPole,
    which has been adopted by many ARES groups nationwide.
    The connector has many advantages:
    high current capacity,
    compatability with higher and lower current
    rated PowerPole connectors,
    polarized yet "genderless" construction.

    The primary reason for a common ARES connector is that it will
    allow ARES members to connect their radios to any power source
    in an emergency situation (a fellow ARES member's vehicle or
    home station, a shelter, fire station or hospital with an
    ARES power supply, etc). If you don't want to change out
    all your existing connectors, you should at least build a
    jumper cord to adapt from your connector to the PowerPole.

    Fake names and addresses for SET Radiograms

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