Jim in WB8EYE Shack
My entry into Amateur Radio (HAM) was guided by my friend Karl Eckerle K8FE (WB8BYB) and his father Ken (WB8DKQ). Karl had a background in the Navy as a submariner/radioman. He showed me his Dads station and the Yaesu FTDX560 radio it contained. I was highly impressed and I sought training at that time. I took classes in Owosso Michigan given by Jack Sheldon K8WWK . After a while I took the novice test and passed. I was then licensed in 10 September 1969 as a novice. WN8EYE
After a year or so I made my first trip to the Federal Building in Detroit so I could take the exams to allow me to progress to a higher level license. I was so nervous I could not pass the morse code test and had to come back home dejected. I did this the second time also. On the third trip though I was more confident and with the help of Karl and his understanding, I passed the code portion of the exam and went on to the theory portion. I had asked the examiners if I could also take the Advanced theory exam if I passed the General test, so when they handed me the Advanced theory test, I KNEW I had passed the General. Back then you were NOT told if you had passed, you had to wait up to 6 weeks to get a letter in the mail.

I did get a letter several weeks later telling me I had passed the Advanced Theory exam and had been awarded an Advanced License. I waited thirty or so years to go for the Extra class license and was awarded that license.