WB7DYW's R-390 Page

I have a Motorola R-390 (Non A) that I took to Dave Medley in Dallas for a complete makeover and expect to have it back soon. I will post pictures of it when I can , in the meantime I will post pictures and info on what I find as I try to get this one back in operating condition.


My latest toy is this Collins R-390A

Here is the R-390A after a little paint and some cleaning.

Some great R-390 links, I will add more as I find them.

Dave Medley's, page   Chuck Ripple's page   KK4DF's page LA5KI's page

Audio transformers for the R-390,   All Electronics

Cabinets for the R-390's contact Corey Kizer

Manuals for the R-390's TM Military Manuals In the TM Title Text:  type "R-390".

My Collins page

I just found a great source for a cabinet for my R-390's, here are some pictures of the NEW cabinet just out of the box. I have not installed the handles or installed the nuts to bolt the radio in as of yet but will add pictures when it's all together with the R-390 installed inside. More info send me an e-mail.

This is the Front view.

And the back view.

Here is the first picture of the R-390 with the front panel off on Dave Medley's work bench getting ready to do some serious cleaning.

The rig all apart and ready for Dave to do his magic.

This is not what it looked like when I took it to Dallas, I sure hope Dave knows where all them wires go.

Looking better, be done soon.

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