Re: [SI-LIST] : Combined single-ended/differential termination pa ckage?

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From: D. C. Sessions ([email protected])
Date: Tue Feb 27 2001 - 20:35:23 PST

On Tuesday 27 February 2001 12:09, Ron Miller wrote:

# Considering single-ended(unbalanced signals) all the ground current
# for each circuit must flow back to the source through that ground. Now
# visulaize a PCB with many signals and power returns flowing from one part
# of that ground to another, flowing across different parts of the board and
# in different directions someplaces orthogonal and some places in the same
# direction coupling strongly. Well, ground is not ground but a matrix of
# tranmission lines all connected together and mixing the low level sensitive
# signals with higher current power currents. It is a mess, too complex
# to analyze thoroughly on a practical basis. So, differential signals with
# care to keep common mode currents from flowing by differentially terminating
# is the best we can do to keep the noise/coupling effects down.

If driver devices were perfectly linear this would perhaps be ideal.
Unfortunately, drivers are quite nonlinear. As a result, common-mode
reflections mix in interesting ways with the incident signals at the driver.

In addition, of course, the receiving comparator generally has some
interesting interactions between the common-mode potential and the
receiver delay, resulting in jitter. This is particularly messy in LVDS
due to the requirement for wide receiver common-mode range, which
demands that the receiver use two differential amplifiers and mix the
results. Doing so consistently across PVT and CM is, shall we say,
Not Exactly Easy.

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