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From: Ray Anderson ([email protected])
Date: Thu Jan 25 2001 - 10:58:15 PST


Some of the list subscribers may have noticed that even though
they are receiving all the list messages, that when they post
a message it doesn't seem to be relayed to the list.

This is usually caused by the fact that the return address on your
message doesn't match the address that is in the subscriber database.
For example, you may have subscribed to the list as:

        [email protected]_company.com
However, your friendly local sys-admin may have, unknown to you,
modified your return address to show up as:

        [email protected]_company.com
        [email protected]_company.com

or any of a million other permutations. The point being, your
current return address on your e-mail doesn't match what it
was when you subscribed.

The si-list list management software (majordomo) in an attempt
to exclude spam postings by non list members will send messages
it perceives as coming from anywhere other than a known list
member to the bit-bucket rather than to the list distribution.

In the past (before the list had the 2000+ members it has now) I
would try to manually reinsert the dumped messages from subscribers
back into the queue after fixing the return address problems. At
this time, with the volume of traffic generated by the current
list members, I am no longer able to look at each bouncer and
fix the problem.

What's it all mean ??? If you send a message to the list and it
doesn't go through you may need to unsubscribe and then resubscribe
in order to update the subscription database. If you have problems,
send me direct (not list) e-mail describing the problem.

One other reason that a posting may not be distributed is that
it is in excess of the allowable message size set in the list
configuration. At present, messages > 60,000 characters will be
dumped into the bit-bucket. Large images or pdf files can easily
exceed this limit. The size limitation is imposed to limit the
bandwidth requirements generated by relaying 2000+ messages.
2000 subscribers * 60,000 characters = ~ 120 MBytes per message.

Hopefully, the above explanation may assist those whose messages don't
seem to propagate through the system understand their problem and
resolve it.

If you need help on these issues, please respond directly to me,
not on the list :)

-Ray Anderson
Sun Microsystems
si-list administrator

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