RE: [SI-LIST] : Question on propogation of high freq. signal in conductors

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From: [email protected]
Date: Fri Sep 22 2000 - 07:20:36 PDT

Prasanna wrote

>I have learnt about skin effect but had the idea that
>it is only concerned with EM waves travelling from one
>medium(say air) to another(a conductor).I am unable to
>digest the concept of using skin effect here.Please

In the electromagnetic wave model, the conductors
act as guides for the energy carried by the EM wave
which resides mainly in the dielectric. The waves
do come from the air into the conductor where they
create current and lose energy to heat.

> "'First slice a wire lengthwise to make concentric
>tubes, like growth rings on a tree trunk. Now if you
>consider the inductance of each ring separately
>the inner rings would be long and skinny and have more
>inductance than the outer rings which are fatter.'
>and what here is meant by sayin that the inner rings
>are long and skinny?Why should the inductance be more

Consider two thin walled cylinders, both carrying the
same current. They both have a hollow interior. There
is no current and no flux in the interior. The larger
cylinder has a larger hollow space. The larger cylinder
has a larger space in which there is no flux. The larger
cylinder stores less magnetic energy for the same amount
of current and therefor has less inductance.

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