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From: Ed Lewis ([email protected])
Date: Tue Sep 19 2000 - 05:17:51 PDT

Greetings SI List,

I would like a few minutes of your time to view the message below regarding
Ansoft's Worldwide Roadshow for 2000. I hope it is of interest to you!




Opening a new world in Analog, Digital, Signal Integrity,
                 RF and Microwave Design

Join Ansoft for the first worldwide workshop that brings signal integrity
engineers and high-frequency component and system designers together in
one forum.

Our cutting-edge agenda includes presentations by key Ansoft technical
staff, local notable industry resources, and of course, our valued partners
and customers.

There is a FREE world-class event in store for you thats guaranteed to open
a new world in Analog, Digital, Signal Integrity, RF, and Microwave
engineering disciplines with No Boundaries.

This event is FREE and lunch will be provided at all venues.


Weve made it easier than ever to attend our workshops by providing events
in locations throughout the world. (Please check
www.ansoft.com/no-boundaries for information on times and venues.)

Asia Leg (Remainder)

October 2,3 & 4 - Yokohama, JAPAN
October 5 & 6 - Seoul, KOREA

USA/Canada Leg

September 26 - San Jose, CA
September 27 - Los Angeles, CA
September 28 - San Diego, CA
October 3 - Ottowa, Canada
October 4 - Chicago, IL
October 5 - Boston, MA
October 6 - Baltimore, MD
October 10 - Phoenix - AZ
October 11 - Dallas - TX
October 12 - Raleigh, NC

European Leg

October 17 - Stockholm, SWEDEN
October 18 - Paris, FRANCE
October 19 - Bracknell, UK
October 24 - Munich, GERMANY
October 25 - Milan, ITALY

October 28 - Tel Aviv, ISRAEL


    Learn from the experts as they discuss the challenges, issues and
    advancements in Analog, Digital, Signal Integrity, RF, and Microwave
    design and analysis.
     Simulate an entire MMIC Layout using Ansofts new SVD FastSolve
         and avoid resonances associated with partitioning designs

     Use Harmonic Balance, Package Analysis Simulation, and Optimization
         software in tandem for VCO and other high-frequency MMIC designs to
         achieve first pass design.

     Create Photonic Bandgap structures to greatly reduce antenna
          profiles for Bluetooth and other size-sensitive high-frequency

     Simulate OFDM modulation schemes along with MATLAB for a full
          transmitter design to be used in High Definition TV and other 3G

     Use Full-Wave Spice to generate Full Bandwidth Time Domain Spice
          models that enable interconnect performance from DC to 50+ Ghz.

     Automate the simulation of BGA packages to meet your time-to-market
          pressures and ensure that your device meets proper specifications.

     Simulate your PCB/MCM design for both signal integrity and thermal
          effects, making rapid changes to increase the performance prior to

** Registration: Space is limited so register early.

          Go to www.ansoft.com/no-boundaries.html for registration and for
          details regarding locations and travel information.
          Register on-line now!

Ansoft Corporation


             \ \ ansoft corporation europe
           /\|\ \ tel : +44 (0)208 891 6106
           \ \|\ \ fax : +44 (0)208 891 6126
         /\|\ \ \ \
         \ \|\ \ \ \ www.ansoft.com
       /\|\_\ \_\ \_\

October 2000 - Ansoft "No Boundaries" Global Roadshow reaches Europe.
Opening a new world in Analogue, Digital, Signal Integrity, RF and
Microwave Design.
Visit http://www.ansoft.com/no-boundaries.html for further details.

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