This archive contains the past message traffic of the si-list (signal integrity mailing list). This is primarily a technical mailing list dealing with varied SI issues of interest to si specialists and/or anyone with an interest in high-speed digital/analog phenomena.


The following message is a modified copy of that sent out when
the list was activated.

		The Signal Integrity Mailing List has been activated.

	The si-list is intended to be a forum for professionals both
in industry and academia to: discuss signal integrity matters, ask
questions pertaining to si, make announcements related to si related
functions, and anything else you can think of related signal integrity.
	Modeling, simulation, measurements, software, EMC/EMI are
some of the areas for discussion that come to mind.

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	Thanks to all of those that expressed interest in the concept of
an internet signal integrity mailing list.

NOTE: !!!!!

       This is an open list subscribed to by over 850 individuals
in both industry and academia. Many of them may be your competitors.
Please be sure not to post any information that you feel may be
proprietary or sensitive! Once you post something it is off to all
4 corners of the earth!
NOTE #2: !!!!!

	As of 7/10/97 the past archived traffic of si-list is available
for reading at on the WWW .


The si-list and the si-list archives are maintained as a public service for the internet technical community by:

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