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From: Jonathan Dowling ([email protected])
Date: Tue Aug 15 2000 - 13:06:34 PDT


JOB OPENING: Advanced Micro Devices
   LOCATION: Austin, TX
   POSITION: Signal Integrity Engineer
      LEVEL: Senior and Junior
      TITLE: Product Development Engineer / MTS / SMTS

If you consider yourself the *best* signal integrity engineer in
in your department (or company for that matter), let us go then
you and I, when the evening is spread out against the sky...

Is your company like a patient etherized on a table when it comes
to integrating SI into the design process? AMD management knows
that up-front SI work is key. E.g. As a bus designer, wouldn't
you like to have the chance to simultaneously impact the I/O
design, package design, and board layout instead of reacting to
poor decisions made outside your realm of influence? Indeed,
there will be time for you at AMD.

Do you ever have the feeling that your career is fixed in a
formulated phrase? If you are pinned and wriggling on the wall,
how on Earth will you presume to lead your organization to the
next level of design? At AMD, you can swell a progress, start a
scene or two, we're not expecting Prince Hamlet for an interview!

Does your current job leave you wondering:
Would it have been worth it, after all,
After the simulation, the validation, and the cans of Nestea,
Among the design slips, delays, and late shipments to the mall,
was there ever a thought, did you ever consider, joining AMD?
Do you *dare* to disturb the PC universe? Would you consider it
worthwhile, to squeeze the PC universe into a ball and roll it
towards the overwhelming question: An epic transformation...,
if I should say, "I have come back to tell you all, I shall tell
you all."

Have you seen the moment of your greatness flicker? Is the
eternal Footman holding your coat? If you are fond of reminding
SI-LISTers of your big accomplishments from the past, recognize
that you work in an industry where nostalgia is short-lived.
Join AMD, and do your part to create the future. AMD's next
generation system designs will present the most austere signal
integrity challenges known in the PC industry. Do you dare to
eat this peach?

AMD has immediate openings for signal integrity engineers in
Austin, TX. Signal Integrity engineering expertise is needed for
chipset/processor package design, high speed bus interface design,
and high speed board level design.

AMD makes the Athlon line of PC microprocessors which is currently
shipping at 1.1 GHz core frequency. Many follow-ons are planned
for the Athlon product line as it grows to serve more market
segments. The impending 64-bit Hammer processor family will be
characterized by extraordinary core speed and I/O performance and
will launch AMD into the server space. In the spirit of the
Athlon, the Hammer processors will continue to arouse suspicion
regarding the validity of Moore's Law.

The successful candidate will have a BSEE, MSEE, or PhD-EE with
2-10 years experience in high speed digital design. Knowledge of
microwave engineering is a plus. Experience with DSO, TDR, VNA
measurement techniques is a plus. AMD needs SI engineers with
the ebullience to own the electrical design for an entire board,
an entire chip, entire system, etc. Simulation and modeling
skills are a must as the next-generation processor and memory bus
interfaces at AMD will demand a performance increase of 2-4X past
those currently available. The simulation tools AMD has in-house
are Maxwell, XTK, ICX, Hspice, Speed97, etc., but we'll buy your
favorite tool if its not one of those listed. Experience with
low-voltage swing signaling technologies is a plus and knowledge
of timing analysis is a must. Lastly, candidates should have a
rich inner life, a capacity for self-actualization, and good
interpersonal communication skills.

Reply to this notice with your resume and a brief description of
the kind of signal integrity work you would like to do at AMD.

Jonathan Dowling
[email protected]
[email protected]
(512)602-7807 FAX

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