Re: [SI-LIST] : best layer stackup for 2 PWR 4 Signal and 100 Oh

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From: Andrew W. Riley III ([email protected])
Date: Sat Aug 05 2000 - 21:47:24 PDT

Hello Matthias,

Sucks, doesn't it?

Being a newbie myself, the only advise that I can give you is to post to newsgroups like;
Post politely. Respond politely, even to the not-so-polite responses that you will eventually get. And most importantly do NOT cross-post. There is much more information to be learned in the above newsgroups including signal integrity; I learned about the SI-LIST from the above newsgroups.

For the first few weeks after subscribing to this list I got the impression that the only topic dealt with here regarded simulation. However, I have seen posts and responses, even helpful ones, to topics other than simulation. Even similar to yours.
Maybe they are offended at the mention of "beginner" or "newbie". I really do not know because I have seen posts and responses to such topics as "where do I start?" I posted a topic asking about magnetic interference when laying out reed relays. Maybe it was because I included "newbie" in my post that my only responses were the "Out of Office" ones that you are probably getting.
Heartwarming, isn't it?
Is there a FAQ for this mailing list that would inform someone of what is an appropriate topic? I have no clue. The only thing that I noticed after subscribing was that advertisements have to be approved. And on that note, is anyone else receiving a lot of SPAM after subscribing to the SI-LIST?
In any case Matthias, I thought that you might appreciate at least some type of response.

On 1 Aug 00 at 22:57, Matthias Mansfeld wrote:

> Hello all,
> I would like to read some opinions about a rather dense design
> (double side populated) with some high speed issues. Please
> apologize my beginner's questions, but this is my first design with
> controlled impedance differential pairs.

Because I did not read any reactions on this mailing list until now
- was my question too dumb?
- was it off-topic or in any other way not appropiate?
- .....?

Just curious,
Matthias Mansfeld
Matthias Mansfeld Elektronik
* Leiterplattenlayout, Bestueckung
Am Langhoelzl 11, 85540 Haar; Tel.: 089/4620 093-7, Fax: -8

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