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From: ARiazi ([email protected])
Date: Fri Aug 04 2000 - 23:40:56 PDT

Michael Khusid Wrote:

> Hello,
> I am currently looking to get myself some signal integrity software and I
> keep hearing wonderful things about Innoveda's XTK and bad things about
> Avanti! Hspice (see below). Is it really true? Is XTK really that
> I will be simulating traces on boards, will XTK be able to successfully
> a multi-board simulation? Will I have problems converting vendor's IBIS
> models into XTK format? What about translating board layout into lossy
> models inside XTK? What about converting SPICE connector models in XTK
> format? Are there any caveats to using XTK?
> Thanks in advance to everyone.
> Mike Khusid
> Sitara Networks
Hi Mike:

There have been several good responses to your post and certain differences
between the capabilities of XTK and HSPICE have been pointed out. Some of
your question regarding XTK program and modeling have remained unanswered
which I attempt to reply.

"XTK" means "Crosstalk Tool Kit", and can simulate digital designs up to
frequency of about 10 GHz. Pre-route and post-route simulation of
multi-board hierarchical systems can be performed using XTK. The topology
model files for each interconnecting board can be extracted from a PCB data
base or manually created (if board data base is unavailable). Both lossy
lossless lines can be analyzed. There are a set of parameters (SIGMA, RHO,
TAN, MU, LAMBDA), definable in the Global Control File (.GCF) to allow
determination of DC resistive loss, skin effect and dielectric losses. To
utilize XTK, it is essential to know how numerous simulation files such as
.GCF, .MDO, .MDI, .LOC, .HDF, .CON, .TOP, .XFX, .XNS , etc. are created
automatically or manually. It is also very important to understand the
messages flagged by the log/error files and the results given by various
report files.

IBIS models can be easily converted to XTK by means of the IBIS2XTK program.
SPICE models can be also translated to XTK but it is more involved than
conversion of IBIS format.

Last January a thread entitled, "ICX vs. XTK" was discussed, now available
the si-list archives, that you may find helpful to review.

Good Luck!

Abe Riazi
[email protected]
[email protected]

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