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From: Douglas C. Smith ([email protected])
Date: Sun Jul 02 2000 - 18:53:54 PDT

Hi All,

I though some of you might enjoy my latest "Technical
Tidbit" article.

There are many techniques designers have used over the years
to make "quiet" grounds on circuit boards and in systems.
Sometimes it is done to reduce radiated emissions, other
times to keep "noise" out of sensitive circuits. For July,
the Technical Tidbit at http://www.dsmith.org (or
alternately http://emcesd.com) describes an easily built
resistive current probe using 6 resistors that among other
uses, can be used to check for "noisy" grounds on a board or
in a system. The probe is touched to circuit ground and its
output gives an indication of how noisy the ground is and
the likelyhood of the noise causing an emissions problem
from a cable attached to that point of the circuit. Another
use for the probe related to ESD and its theory of operation
are included in the article.

Just above the picture of the homemade resistive current
probe (link to the article) near the bottom of the index
page is a link to some pictures of Los Gatos I took
recently. If you like armchair travel, take a look. The URL
of the pictures is http://emcesd.com/losgatos/index.htm it
you want to go there directly.

Have a good Summer!


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