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From: [email protected]
Date: Fri May 05 2000 - 12:00:55 PDT

NEW! The I/O Buffer Accuracy Handbook

Call up your IC vendors and cast your vote for more accurate SPICE and IBIS
model data. The I/O Buffer Accuracy Handbook can help start discussions
with your vendors about model accuracy. It demonstrates how to do the lab
testing that will put teeth into the models you use every day in your SI
analysis with little impact to the typical IC characterization process (two
extra transmission line loads). If you've always wanted to know more about
I/O buffer characterization, download this document from the IBIS web site
have a read. You can also use some of the techniques to cross-check your
IBIS datasheets against HSPICE. Have a look at the IBIS and SPICE model
checklists in the appendix.

The IBIS Open Forum has kindly supported the development of this document
and has posted it on their web site: www.vhdl.org/pub/ibis/accuracy
Download handbook.pdf.

Keep watching the SI reflector for another announcement in the next 1-2
months. I will be publishing a report that demonstrates how to apply the
ideas in the I/O Buffer Accuracy Handbook to a real-life part.

Some of you veterans may recognize this new document as the cleverly
repackaged "IBIS Accuracy Specification." We rewrote it to be more
general; it now covers SPICE model data as well as IBIS. The I/O Buffer
Accuracy Handbook is the work of many dedicated people from DEC, EMC,
Fairchild, NESA, Stratus, and TI.

Comments, new ideas, and shared experience are welcome.

Greg Edlund
Advisory Engineer, Critical Net Analysis
3650 Hwy. 52 N, Dept. HDC
Rochester, MN 55901
[email protected]

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