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From: rachild.chen ([email protected])
Date: Thu Apr 27 2000 - 20:35:46 PDT


Thanks for your advice.I know all the tools you mentioned.Any EDA tools are harmless to user.I just want to know how much the EMI/EMC tools can provide our design.Can they provide some detail datas to improve the design?We don't need some thumb rules.I need such a tool.It can give me some datas to help my system design,such as decide how much the shield thickness,where the position of cable hole,how much the range of a signal EMI.In a word ,I need the datas to help me.

In the end,the EMC/EMI is very complex problem.It is impossible to solve it just by EDA tools and I want to know the EMC/EMI tools applications and success story.

Best Regards,

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    Your comments are about EDA tools are not totally correct. There are several
    EMI tools that simulate emmisions. These are not expert systems but rather
    simulation tools. Given that the problem set can be simplified several tools
    can do a good job. The problem is really one of user expectation. If your
    intention is to build a computer take it to the lab and expect simulation to
    match measurement then your expectations are not in line with the tools.
    If you want to better understand EMI, the causes, fixes and general trends
    then you may benefit from such an EMI simulation tool. An expert system
    is built in intelligent rules that may help you avoid common EMI problems
    during design. One can use expert systems to help the EMI issue. However
    it offers very little or no insight as to the root causes and effect.
    There is a wide range of EMI simulation tools. Some only can handle differential
    mode radiation. Some do handle common mode radiation. However the compute
    times can become very long and tedious if the problem set is not simplified. EMI
    tools of this nature can be also very expensive. Here is a list although not extensive
    of EMI simulation tool vendors:

    Quad, Quantic Labs, Encases, Applied Simulation Technology, Ansoft

    Best Regards,

    "rachild.chen" wrote:

        Dear Experts,
        Everyone know the EMI is a complex system problem.There is no EDA tools can
        solve this question.According to my knowledge,all EMI tools are only a
        expert system.But we must solve the EMI problem in our design and I wish EDA
        tools can provide some advice.Who can give some informations about EDA tools
        realistic value?Which tools is best in EMI simulation,such as Quiet?



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