Re: [SI-LIST] : How about EMI simulation tools?

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From: Mike Ventham ([email protected])
Date: Wed Apr 26 2000 - 10:05:48 PDT

You should note that Quad is part of Innoveda (however you pronounce it) and
Incases was bought by Zuken (formerly Zuken-Redac).
We (Quantic Labs) trade under the name Quantic EMC.

Just thought I'd clarify. I also endorse Fred's comments, although I would not
necessarily agree that the problem set needs to be simplified.
Users should not expect miracle software! Ask Microsoft about that!

Fred Balistreri wrote:
> Your comments are about EDA tools are not totally correct. There are several
> EMI tools that simulate emmisions. These are not expert systems but rather
> simulation tools. Given that the problem set can be simplified several tools
> can do a good job. The problem is really one of user expectation. If your
> intention is to build a computer take it to the lab and expect simulation to
> match measurement then your expectations are not in line with the tools.
> If you want to better understand EMI, the causes, fixes and general trends
> then you may benefit from such an EMI simulation tool. An expert system
> is built in intelligent rules that may help you avoid common EMI problems
> during design. One can use expert systems to help the EMI issue. However
> it offers very little or no insight as to the root causes and effect.
> There is a wide range of EMI simulation tools. Some only can handle
> differential
> mode radiation. Some do handle common mode radiation. However the compute
> times can become very long and tedious if the problem set is not simplified.
> tools of this nature can be also very expensive. Here is a list although not
> extensive
> of EMI simulation tool vendors:
> Quad, Quantic Labs, Encases, Applied Simulation Technology, Ansoft
> Best Regards,
> "rachild.chen" wrote:
> > Dear Experts,
> >
> > Everyone know the EMI is a complex system problem.There is no EDA tools can
> > solve this question.According to my knowledge,all EMI tools are only a
> > expert system.But we must solve the EMI problem in our design and I wish EDA
> >
> > tools can provide some advice.Who can give some informations about EDA tools
> >
> > realistic value?Which tools is best in EMI simulation,such as Quiet?
> >
> > Regards,
> >
> > Rachild
> >
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> Fred Balistreri
> [email protected]


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