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From: [email protected]
Date: Tue Apr 18 2000 - 07:38:30 PDT

You can download the "Novacap Technical Brochure: A Practical Reference to MLC
Properties and Behavior" from
This document has the clearest explanations I have seen on how dielectrics work
in capacitors. Printed circuit boards (PCB's) are effectively capacitors with
real thick layers of dielectrics, so the side effects aren't as severe, but they
are all still there. Most PCB's are made from non-ferroelectric materials, so
the information on Class I dielectrics applies. Hadco EmCap(TM) adds barium
titanate to increase the capacitance of Buried Capacitance(TM) layers, so the
material on Class II ferroelectric dielectrics applies to it.

Eric Bogatin has a considerable amount of information on High-Density
Interconnect (HDI) materials available at his website

Edward Sayre has a paper "Limits of FR-4 in High-Speed Designs" available from

National Semiconductor has Application Note AN-991, "Line Driving and System
Design", available at

Hadco's "The Buried Capacitance(TM) Design Guide. Hadco 95-06-001, 1995" is
available at

High Density Interconnect magazine (see to
subscribe) has carried quite a few articles
on PCB materials. Your company library, a nearby university library, or maybe a
 coworker, may have some back issues
you can read.

                                              John Barnes Advisory Engineer
                                              Lexmark International

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