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From: Chris Padilla ([email protected])
Date: Fri Mar 31 2000 - 08:11:56 PST

According to a table in one of my textbooks titled "Elements of
Electromagnetics" by Sadiku, typical dielectric strength (V/m) for

Air (1 atm.) is 3e6
Glass is 35e6
Mica is 70e6
Quartz is 30e6

It is fair to say that FR4 is at least 10 times air. Doing some
quick unit manipulations, I get that air's strength is about 75 V/mil.
So 5x that is about 375 V/mil. FR4 is at least 10 times that and most
likely more.

So I would say that for about 5 mil of FR4, you are looking at 3,750 V/mil
of applied field before the dielectric starts conducting. This should be
a conservative number.


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>Who can tell me how much the break voltage of 5 mils FR4 is?We have do a
>test.It will be break under 1500V.
>5 mils is the littlest thickness of FR4.How much is it to support a
>1500V break voltage?

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