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From: Andrew Phillips ([email protected])
Date: Fri Mar 24 2000 - 06:30:52 PST

"D. C. Sessions" wrote:

> The point of a FAQ isn't so much to be a tutorial as it is to avoid
> rehashing the same issues over and over as new people join the list.
> Thus, it _should_ be targeted at those issues which, for whatever
> reason, keep coming back. (Can you say "20H Rule?")

I put together the website ( ) in order to help everyone build a set of information that would answer the most frequently asked questions relating to signal
integrity and/or high-speed digital design.

I also know, for myself at least, that there are lots of not-so-frequently-asked-yet-still-valid questions that come up all the time. I often have trouble finding where the heck to start looking for
answers. Sometimes I didnt even think of the question until someone else asked it. The SI-list is of course one of the best places to go looking/asking. I think it would be good to include as much of this
info as possible as well - before such questions really do become frequently asked. Comments?

I am hoping that as (if?) this thing gets going this information will build into a really groovy collection of info and pointers to great resources currently scattered around the internet. Please help!

> Now if someone -- especially a senior list member -- would just make
> up a short list of the topics most likely to come back from the grave...

What might be easier (or quicker) is if people send me ([email protected]) - or one of the people who have already volunteered to be involved with a particular topic (see site) - rather than the whole list -
at least one question that they would like to see answered (even better if they can provide a good answer). I'll start assembling them - and hope that over time they will be adjusted and scrutinised as
necessary. In my experience it's easiest to move these kind of things along in an evolutionary manner.

Please comment on the site if you have time - the more input the better it will get for all. Thanks to the people who have so far volunteered to get involved - more needed!

Andrew Phillips
Supercomputing Systems AG
Zurich Switzerland

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