RE: [SI-LIST] : Bad IBIS models!

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From: Muranyi, Arpad ([email protected])
Date: Fri Mar 17 2000 - 10:07:57 PST

I just want to comment on this, because in some cases such similar
typ., min., and max. IV curves are correct. There are buffers out
there which adjust themselves to a known quantity to eliminate most
of the process, voltage, temperature effects on the strength of the
buffers. The end result is a group of IV curves which are very close.
This adjustment circuit may even correct slew rate variations, leading
to very similar V-t curves also. So we can't jump to conclusions too
quickly seeing such IBIS models.

Arpad Muranyi
Intel Corporation

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From: Kim Helliwell [mailto:[email protected]]
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Subject: Re: [SI-LIST] : Bad IBIS models!

Bob Perlman wrote:
> Kim -
> <on-target criticism of vendor-supplied IBIS models deleted>
> Let me add one item to your things-that-drive-me-crazy list: IBIS
> models in which the min/typ/max data sets are virtually the same,
> leading me to believe that the vendor either (1) has unbelievably
> good process control or (2) has failed to factor in the effects of
> best/worst case process, and maybe voltage and temperature, too.
> And it's hardly ever (1).

Yes! As opposed to: min/typ/max values *exactly* the same, which
leads one to suppose they were too lazy to bother with the process
corners at all. Take one measurement and call it good for all,
I guess.

I thought I would start something with this! :-)

Kim Helliwell
Senior CAE Engineer
Acuson Corporation
Phone: 650 694 5030  FAX: 650 943 7260

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