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From: Brian Young ([email protected])
Date: Thu Mar 16 2000 - 07:33:37 PST

Laurence Michaels wrote:
> Brian Young wrote:
> >
> > I can't vouch for what goes on in other companies or even
> > my own. I see a very small part of a very large operation
> > in a very large industry. Probably everyone is in just
> > about the same boat, so making something happen is tough.
> >
> > With that disclaimer, then ...
> >
> > The generation and supply of consistently good IBIS models
> > across the product line is quite an expensive proposition.
> > It requires regular training, because I/O designers come
> > and go, software, hardware validation, cataloging, maintenance,
> > etc. The effort must span multiple organizations and
> > geographic regions. A high-level effort would be required
> > with significant funding (i.e. millions). Without such
> > an effort, what you get are individual best efforts.
> >
> > The people who can make this happen do not read this list.
> > How do you convince them to expend the resources to make
> > consistently good IBIS models available to customers?
> > You can't just say, "A bunch of people on the SI-LIST bitterly
> > complain about the quality of IBIS models, and if we don't
> > do something about it, we will lose sales."
> >
> > Any ideas?
> >
> > Brian
> OK... Modeling in general makes it easier for a design engineer
> to get a product to work properly with fewer prototypes and
> a shorter time-to-market (at least, that's the idea). This
> increases both the likelihood of selling that product, and the
> quantity of that product that is sold. If one company beats
> another one to market (with a usable product), they have a
> chance to make more money and thus purchase more raw materials.
> In this case, the raw materials are IC chips.
> So, the accuracy of models in general can be a significant
> benefit to the entire customer base. The people complaining
> on the SI-list aren't the only ones using simulation, nor
> are IBIS models the only useful model type.
> Your last sentence might be better stated "A bunch of people
> on the SI-LIST bitterly complain about the quality of IBIS
> models. This means that there are likely to be many other
> customers who haven't been able to get good IBIS models, but
> complain privately. If we don't do something about it, our
> sales may suffer." There's a statistic I saw somewhere, but I
> don't remember the number, that said only a small percentage
> of customers affected by a problem will actually complain about
> it publically. So, if 10 people on the SI-LIST are complaining
> loudly about the problem, that's maybe 100 customers you've
> managed to annoy (but not enough for them to complain in
> public).
> Regards,
> --
> Laurence Michaels

Do you know of any hard (or reasonably hard) data to show how
sales might be affected? For example, a product line that
historically used a particular vendor's chips that was switched
to another vendor in large part due to IBIS model availability?

To me, this kind of data seems impossible to come by, but if
I'm wrong I would like to know. Or, I would be interested to
know if there is a better question to ask or if better data
are available.


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