Re: [SI-LIST] : Bad IBIS models!

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From: Tadashi ARAI ([email protected])
Date: Thu Mar 16 2000 - 19:47:14 PST

Hi Kim and others,

On Thu, 16 Mar 2000 14:15:58 -0800
Mail from [email protected] described as below:

> This comes about because they used ideal diodes in their SPICE model
> for the part. Of course, aside from the large currents that will
> break your SI simulator, you also have to wonder just what other
> garbage that model generated, since it's obviously not a very careful
> SPICE model to start with. Use of ideal components in SPICE models
> is well-known to cause problems, yet it's amazing how many vendors
> persist in doing so. With unusable results, as you can see.

Thank you for you explanation for the reasons why such abnormal IBISs
were created.

> The only response to this is: then I won't design your part in. I sure
> hope you had options!

Ya! I want to say so too... But I am not on the seat of power to decide
to use or not to use. Sigh.

> I sympathize with this notion, but in today's litigous society, this is
> probably unrealistic. I think the best we can hope for is a clear explanation
> of how the model was generated and verified. There will always be disclaimers
> as to the accuracy of the model or the fitness for a particular purpose. This
> is to keep the vendor's lawyers happy. But there are other ways to tell
> whether
> a vendor actually cares about the results, and you have to key off those.

I can understand your opinion. But what on earth of the datasheet does
claimed "This is only datas. Not guaranteed."
I think IBIS as a part of datasheet. If the datasheet wouldn't be
guaranteed, what can an enginner respect to ?

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