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From: Ray Anderson ([email protected])
Date: Wed Jan 12 2000 - 13:16:32 PST

In thinking about an SI FAQ I came up with a number of possible topics that
could be covered. The list below is certainly non-exhaustive, but in reviewing
it I'm sure that if all the topics were covered in detail they could fill a
book or two. I haven't even gone and reviewed the archives yet, but I'm sure
there are a bunch of topics there that could be included too.

I'm submitting this list as merely a starting point to which topics can be
added or deleted. If there is a topic I've missed that you feel deserves a
place in the FAQ let us know. Some of the items I've got listed may be a bit
esoteric for an FAQ. If you think so, let us know too.

After this has been batted around a bit and we have a starting point, we can
decide on a format and start soliciting editors for the various subsections.
At least a couple people have indicated a willingness to author/edit some
parts already.



Basic SI Areas:

Transmission Lines

        RLGC Matrices
                PUL matrices
                Self Inductance
                Self Capacitance
                Mutual Inductance
                Mutual Capacitance

        Impedance Calculations

        Differential Lines
                Odd Mode
                Even Mode

                Frequency Dependence
                Current Crowding

        Time of flight
                Effect of Er

        Net Topology
                Point to Point
                Point to Many
                Daisy Chain

                Multiple Transit
                First Incidence Switching
                Coupled Lines
                Near End
                Far End

Power Distribution Systems
                Output Impedance
                Transient Response

        Bulk Decoupling Caps

        Ceramic Decoupling Caps
                Dielectric types
                Mounting Geometries
        Power Planes

Simultaneous Switching Noise


        Transmission Lines
                Effect of impedance
                Return Currents

                Effect of Stackup
                Effect of Reference Location

                Parasitic Inductance
                Internal Planes

Timing and Noise Margins

        Time of Flight Delays
        SSN induced delays
        Switching Thresholds
        Noise Budgets
        Timing Margins


                Time Domain
                Frequency Domain

        Spice Convergence Tricks and Techniques

                Transistor Level
                Model Synthesis
                Transmission Lines
                        Freq. Dependent

        Model Order Reduction

        Field Solvers
                Finite Element
                Boundary Element
                Spectral Domain



        Time Domain Measurements

        Frequency Domain Measurements
                Spectrum Analysis

        Impedance Measurements
                Network Analyzers
                Scattering Parameters

        Capacitance Measurements
                Low Freq.
                High Freq

        TDR Measurments
                Fault Location

        Eye Diagrams

        Probing Techniques

Other Topics
        20 H rule

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