[SI-LIST] : Questions abt Power Distribution System

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From: Chang, Isaac Yew Beng ([email protected])
Date: Thu Jan 27 2000 - 23:50:26 PST

Raymond Anderson,

I've read your paper on Power Distribution System Design Methodology and
Capacitor selection for Modern CMOS technology. I found it excellent and
well written. I hv some questions here regarding to the topic.

1. From figure 12(showing the anti-resonance of parallel caps), how do you
add up two Z-Freq response graphs to get the anti-resonance?
2. Say I got the R and X values of a cap for various freq(100, 1K, 10K,
100K, 1MHz), say, how can I plot out the Z vs Freq graph for 2 caps(same
question as above, but it's actually asking how to calculate it and put it
on a graph)?
3. For the formula in estimating the needed decoupling capacitance for a
PDS, ie. C=I(dt/dv), how do you estimate I and dt here? I is the transient
current, is it the Imax in the system? dt is the VRM respond time, how do
you get dt? Is it from the VRM spec or somewhere else?
4. Do you do a 'anti-resonance' and Ztarget check at then end of your
simulation for PDS?

Isaac Chang

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