[SI-LIST] : Excessive Posting Length

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From: add automation ([email protected])
Date: Sun Jan 16 2000 - 19:59:00 PST

Hi all,

You guys are starting a very bad habit. Most of you are replying at the
top of the message, and clicking the send button.

This means you are including everything in previous posts in your reply.
The bandwidth you are wasting is terrible, these messages are taking too
long to downlad, and you force others to wade through megabytes of junk
to find your pearls of wisdom.

The problem is compounded by people who carelessly leave the html option
turned on. This means a your message is duplicated: first in ascii, then
in html with all the extra tags added. Only Microsoft could think of a
more extravagant waste of resources.

Please do us all a favor. Snip the sections of a post that have no
relevance to your reply. Place your response at the end of the post, so
people can see what topics your are addressing. You will save their
valuable time by not forcing them to wade through unrelated text to
figure out what you mean.

And please turn off the html!

Best Regards,

Michael R. Monett
mailto:[email protected]

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