Re: [SI-LIST] : What's your favourite Screwy SI Concept?

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From: Doug McKean ([email protected])
Date: Thu Jan 13 2000 - 17:14:35 PST


I'm looking at Mr. Brooks well written articles right now.
And Mr. Brooks does an excellent discussion.

What I can't find is an article by a Dr. Bracken (spelling?)
of Ansoft (maybe not there now) who performed a 0.1 volt crosstalk
to 1 volt signal simulation with right angle bends. Dr. Bracken
also discussed a common to differential mode conversion as a
possible mechanism. I also can not seem to locate Mr. Montrose's
article submitted at the Denver EMC Symposium titled "Time and
Frequency Domain Analysis of Right Angle Corners on Printed
Circuit Board Traces."

As far as "disproving" a myth, I'm not so sure yet.
I'll have to see more data.

Doug McKean

[email protected] wrote:
> Boys, you better read the latest from Doug Brooks (with
> the help of Lee Ritchey, or because of Lee) did some very well defined
> test cases dealing with 90 degree bends, and you might be surprised with
> the findings. I peronally don't do 90 degrees, since I let the
> autorouter miter every trace, but I certainly don't do much clean up
> either if something doesn't look "cosmetically" pretty. ;)
> If this data had been done easlier (maybe in the 80's), we all might be
> seeing boards with nothing but 90 degree traces! Enough said. Another
> engineering "myth" disproved. :)
> Mitch

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