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From: Bruce W. Marler ([email protected])
Date: Thu Jan 13 2000 - 09:40:41 PST

I am designing a high speed digital backplane interconnect system and was
wondering if anyone had any recomendations about what manufacturer's
connectors I should be looking at - either connector to connector systems or
card edge connector systems.

Our system is a multidrop system with up to 18 cards plugging into a
backplane. The bus is an 8 wide synchronous LVDS bus with a clock. Each
data channel has a rate of 200Mbps, and the clock is 200 MHz. Density is
not that great 60 to 80 signals within 3.5" of edge space.

Each card will have only one load on it's stub from the main bakplane bus,
and that load will be mainly capacitive due to the receiver. I am looking
for connectors that will minimize the distance from the backplane to the
receiver chip. Controlled impedance on the connector is not that important
because I am keeping the length so short. But I do like it when connectors
have a separate grounding bus connection like the AMP MICTOR or their
Micro-Strip connectors.

I also like surface mount solutions like the AMP Mictor connector as it
would enable me to route the backplane with minimal vias. However the AMP
Mictor connector is extremely expensive and does not have different pin
lengths for hot swapping.

Does anyone have any recommendations on connnectors I should be evaluating?

I have already looked at:
AMP MICTOR - very nice small connector 0.4" from backplane to pin - very
nice non-typical over-the-edge type connection for right angle connector -
very expensive - this is my favourite so far, but it's price and lack of
support for hot swapping are a problem.
AMP Micro-Strip - a little larger than Mictor - 0.6 " - fairly
expensive - nice but no support for hot swapping
AMP 2mmHM - very long distance from backplane to pins - 1" for farthest
pin - supports hot swapping - higher density than what I need.
Teradyne's connectors - very similar to AMPs 2mmHM


Bruce Marler
WooshCom Corporation
Denver, Colorado
[email protected]

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