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From: Hans Mellberg ([email protected])
Date: Mon Jan 10 2000 - 09:48:02 PST

January 2000 Meeting Notice
Tuesday, January 11th, 2000. Silicon Graphics’ Café
Iris, Building 5, 2025 Stierlin Court in Mountain
View, CA. Time 7:30pm - 9:30pm.
"EMI and the PCB – Fundamental Concepts and Design
-Mark Montrose
EMI and the PCB – Fundamental Concepts and Design
This presentation illustrates, in simplified form, how
and why EMI gets developed within a printed circuit
board (PCB) and the manner in which propagation
occurs; radiated or conducted. Basic concepts are
examined to remove the mystery on why problems are
designed into a product, and how one can prevent
making mistakes from happening time and time again. A
major focus on this talk deals with the subject
"Maxwell Made Simple."
There are many parasitics and concerns that exist in
any product design. Failure to recognize these items
dooms a product to potential failure. For example, a
component is not a component, but must be incorporated
using a virtual ground/return structure. In addition,
we must solve the complex portion of the impedance
equation using device parameters that are not
published by component manufacturer. Also, we
implement outdated rules-of-thumb based on illogical
concepts and bad advise provided by those who use to
design PCBs that incorporated vacuum tubes or slow
speed TTL logic. Components now operate in the
sub-picosecond range, which present new challenges and
opportunities for design and compliance engineers.
Regardless of whether one is an entry level or senior
designer, fundamental concepts never change. It is
interesting to see how much information we have
forgotten over the course of many years.
The last portion of the talk will illustrate several
design techniques that can be immediately implemented
that have a long track record of success. At the
completion of the talk, an open forum session will
occur where any question related to EMI and PCB can be
asked. This forum will last until it is time to get
kicked out of the facility.
Mark Montrose is principal consultant of Montrose
Compliance Services, Inc. Mark is a Senior Member of
the IEEE, and is a current member of the Board of
Directors for the IEEE EMC Society. He holds
membership in the dB Society and TC-8, Product Safety
Technical Committee. He has presented numerous papers
on PCBs and EMC at IEEE International EMC Symposiums
and Colloquiums in North America, Europe and Asia.
Mark has authored several text/reference books
published by IEEE Press:
Printed Circuit Board Design Techniques for EMC
Compliance, 1996,
EMC and the Printed Circuit Board - Design, Theory and
Layout Made Simple, 1999,
And a contibuting author to the Electronics Packaging
Handbook, 1999 (CRC/IEEE Press).

Best Regards
Hans Mellberg
EMC Consultant
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