[SI-LIST] : Book on RF Package Modeling

Dean Monthei TQO ([email protected])
Thu, 17 Dec 1998 09:49:19 -0800

If you are interested in a book on how package modeling is being done for RF
parts read on.

I work for TriQuint Semiconductor. We build GaAs parts for cell phones and
other applications mostly at 1 to 2 GHz. I model packages up to about 10
GHz to account for harmonics. I have written a book on package modeling
that has just been published. Below are the details.

Dean Monthei - TriQuint Semiconductor
It can be ordered directly from Kluwer Academic Publishing's Website ($120)

It is also listed on www.amazon.com but the price has not been set.

The Information below is the same as on the Kluwer Publishing WEB site (just
not as fancy a format). The book can also be ordered through amazon.com
although the pricing through amazon.com has not be fixed yet (they are
taking orders and will email you for final approval once the price is set).

Kluwer Academic Publishers, Boston
Hardbound, ISBN 0-7923-8364-8
November 1998, 248 pp.
US $120.00

Package Electrical Modeling, Thermal
Modeling, and Processing for GaAs
Wireless Applications
Dean L. Monthei
TriQuint Semiconductor,Oregon, USA

Volume 2

Package Electrical Modeling, Thermal Modeling, and
Processing for GaAs Wireless Applications reviews
the practical aspects of electrical and thermal
modeling of packages and has no equivalent on the
market, since it discusses analog (microwave)
packaging as opposed to digital packaging.
This book emphasizes low-cost industry-standard
packages; however, the principles translate well to
other categories of packages. The need for this book
arises from the fact that low-cost packages have not
been optimized for high-frequency use. With
high-volume commercial wireless markets now
expanding and cost reduction a primary concern, the
interest in modeling as a significant cost-cutting tool is
Package Electrical Modeling, Thermal Modeling, and
Processing for GaAs Wireless Applications addresses
this interest and need, providing a comprehensive
approach to the state-of-the-art modeling and
processing techniques that professional engineers are
just beginning to utilize. Engineers and professionals
in the field of wireless packaging will find this book
interesting and of great value to their work.

Preface. I: High Frequency Issues. 1. Tutorial On
Microwave Concepts. 2. The Smith Chart and
S-Parameters. II: Electrical Modeling of Packages. 3.
Equivalent Circuit Models. 4. Creating Models from
Measurements. 5. Creating a Model Using EM
Simulators. III: Thermal Modeling. 6. Basics of
Thermal Analysis. 7. Quick Thermal Analysis. 8. Finite
Element Analysis. 9. Computational Fluid Dynamics.
10. Transient Thermal. 11. Thermal Measurement.
IV: Processing Issues with Packaging GaAs High
Frequency Components. 12. Package Families for
Wireless. 13. Optimizing Electrical Performance. 14.
Production Process Issues. 15. Die Attach Issues.
Appendix A. Electrical Conductivities of Packaging
Materials. Appendix B. Dielectric Properties of
Packaging Materials. Appendix C. Thermal
Conductivities of Packaging Materials. Appendix D.
Thermal Modeling Software and Information.
Appendix E. Thermal Analysis Equipment and
Materials. Appendix F. Electromagnetic Simulator
Software. Appendix G. Electrical Probing Tools.
Appendix H. Circuit Simulator Software. Index.

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