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A new textbook deals with circuits, interconnect, timing, and power

"Digital Systems Engineering," W. Dally, J. Poulton, Cambridge University,
Press, 1998, ISBN 052-159-2925.

It is a textbook for a graduate level design course. I haven't gotten all
the way through it yet, but it looks good.
Am considering using it as the textbook for a class that I teach.

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To All,

I've followed this discussion with interest and thought to make a
to it. Namely, a list of helpful references on signal integrity and many
fields. I think that signal integrity engineers are often challanged with
problems in these related fields.

So, here is my list:

List of Reference Textbooks

1.1 Contents

1. Signal Integrity
2. Basic Circuit Design
3. The Physics of Solid State Devices
4. SPICE Modeling and Parameter Measurements
5. Semiconductor Circuit Analysis
6. RF Design
7. PW Boards Operating at Microwave Frequencies
8. Analysis of Electromagnetic Fields
9. Noise Reduction in Components and Circuits
10. Noise Reduction and Electromagnetic Fields
11. Behavioral Modeling
12. CAE and Systems Engineering
13. Reliability Engineering
14. Statistical Design
15. Model Verification
16. Construction, Layout, Shielding, Etc.
17. Testing and Troubleshooting
18. Handbooks
19. Design Methodologies
20. Engineering Mathematics

1.2 Disclaimer

My listing of the following textbooks and references is subject to the
usual disclaimers:
Use them at your own risk. I have not verified their accuracy and do not
any results as a result of using them. I have no financial interest in any
of them.

Roy Leventhal

1 Signal Integrity

1.1 "High Speed Circuit Design: A Handbook of Black Magic"
H. W. Johnson & M. Graham
Prentice-Hall c1993
ISBN 0-13-395724-1

1.2 "Handbook of Digital System Design" 2nd Ed.
Wen C. Lin
CRC Press c1990
ISBN 0-8493-4272-4

1.3 "Digital Design Principles and Practices" 2nd Ed.
J. F. Wakerly
Prentice-Hall c1994
ISBN 0-13-211459-3

1.4 "Transmission Lines in Computer Engineering"
S. Rosenstark
McGraw-Hill c1994
ISBN 0-07-053953-7

1.5 "Signal and Power Integrity in Digital Systems: TTL, CMOS & BiCMOS"
J. E. Buchanan
McGraw-Hill c1996
ISBN 0-07-008734-2

1.6 "Transmission Line Handbook"
B. C. Wadell
Artech House c1991
ISBN 0-89006-436-9

1.7 "Foundations for Microstrip Circuit Design" 2nd Ed.
T. Edwards
John Wiley & Sons c1992
ISBN 0-471-93062-8

1.8 "MECL System Design Handbook" 4rth Ed.
W.R. Blood
Motorola Semiconductor c1988

1.9 "High Speed VLSI Interconnections: Modeling, Analysis & Simulation"
A. K. Goel
J. Wiley & Sons c1994
ISBN 0-471-57122-9

2 Basic Circuit Design

2.1 "Electric Circuits" 4th Ed.
J. W. Nilsson
Addison-Wesley c1993
ISBN 0-201-54987-5

2.2 "The Analysis and Design of Linear Circuits"
R. E. Thomas & A. J. Rosa
Prentice-Hall c1994
ISBN 0-13-220005-8

3 The Physics of Solid State Devices

3.1 "Physics and Technology of Semiconductor Devices"
A. S. Grove
J. Wiley & Sons c1967
Library of Congress 67-17340

3.2 "Physics of Semiconductor Devices" 2nd Ed.
S. M. Sze
J. Wiley & Sons c1981
ISBN 0-471-05661-8

3.3 "Field-Effect and Bipolar Power Transistor Physics"
A. Bilcher
Academic Press c1981
ISBN 0-12-105850-6

3.4 "Analysis and Design of Analog Integrated Circuits" 3rd Ed.
P. R. Gray & R. G. Meyer
J. Wiley & Sons c1993
ISBN 0-471-57495-3

3.5 "Device Physics Diagnostics by Curve Tracer"
R. Leventhal

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