[SI-LIST] : need new BGA vendor

Pat Zabinski ([email protected])
Tue, 29 Sep 1998 14:18:19 -0500

For a couple-hundred MHz, 64-bit wide bus system design, we analyzed
several BGA package types using common SI/SSN simulation techniques.
At the end of our analysis, we decided to develop a custom with
Olin Interconnect Technologies (OIT) by modifying their existing
Metal BGA (MBGA) design for "better performance."

We worked out an agreement to develop such a package, and our analysis
showed it would work quite well for our needs. However, OIT informed
me this week that they have made a business decision to no longer
support or develop their BGA product line, thus leaving us without
a package.

With this recent news, we have lost more than two months, and we're
quickly approaching the ASIC delivery time. Does anyone out there
have experience with BGA packages that might be applicable, hopefully
with similar or better performance than the OIT MBGA package? Either
off the shelf or custom will do. Here's a summary of our needs:

* 45x45 mm substrate size
* 496 BGA pads, 35x35-27x27 array
* 1.27 mm ball pitch, 0.5 mm ball pads
* 50 +/- 5 ohm signal traces
* straight flare-out routing of traces
* low crosstalk (i.e., SPICE mutual coupling factor K < 10%)
* ground plane required
* power plane desired
* heat sink/spreader
* initial purchase of 500 units, delivery before Jan 99
* no promise of future orders, but likely in the 100's

Any ideas/contacts will be appreciated.

Pat Zabinski

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