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Bob Davis ([email protected])
Thu, 9 Jul 1998 00:43:10 -0700

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The attached file describes a new effort to lead to a IEEE Standard
Electronic Component Data Sheet. If interested in working on it and/or
contributing to the effort please let me know by email.


Bob Davis
Summit Computer Systems, Inc
[email protected]

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To the participants of the Signal Integrity reflector:

This is a solicitation/invitation to participate in a new standards =
effort. =20

Frustration in the gathering of data for use in simulation and =
validation of designs has led directly to this effort. Other member s =
of our corner of the engineering community have encouraged it, so here =
we go.

Distribution of information about the electronic devices has moved =
forward to the point where much/most of the COMPONENT DATA SHEETS are =
delivered via the web or CD's or other electronic means. This change is =
driven by the cost of publishing a data book and the cost of =
distribution of printed material and will accelerate in the future with =
the decreased life cycle of the components. This is the opportunity to =
remove translation errors and actively request the information needed to =
support the CAD, CAM, and CAE efforts. This data sheet standard would =
augment the normal paper/PDF data sheet with information that can be =
parsed to meet the needs of CAE.=20

Initial concept is that this will be a VHDL like structure, to prevent =
stepping on proprietary interests, and still be subject to exact =
extraction of the required information by simple scripts for conversion =
1. Schematic Captures programs - Concept, Orcad, Mentor, Viewlogic, =
Protel, and the like.
2. PCB Layout tools - Mentor, Allegro, Orcad, PADs, etc.
3. Simulation Tools - Spice, Quad, SpectraQuest, etc
4. Timing Verification Tools - Motive, Timing Designer etc.
5. Thermal Modeling tools -=20
6. Physical Design and Modeling tools - ME10, Solid Modeler, AutoCad, =
7. Other tools that you can think of, that I have missed.

Validation of the information distributed in this manner will be =
required and an electronic signature will be included. Some companies =
will want to change the data to meet their own internal design rules and =
can resign the document with the company signature to validate the =
changes to those to whom that may be distributed. This will, at least, =
allow verification of the source of the information.

SHEET. The sponsor will be the Microprocessor Standards Committee.

To create a international standard for Electronic Component DATA SHEETS =
ranging in complexity from a "LED" to a "MERCED", that presents the =
device information to the design engineer, and component engineer, in a =
structure that easily converted into required data for electronic design =
and simulation tools.

The information content would be the mechanical, electrical, timing, =
topological, architectural and programmatical interface of the product =
being described. Current standards, and proposed standards, will be used =
whenever possible.

Data is Certifiable from vendor - signed with encrypted signature=20
Modifiable by user to meet local needs - signed by user for local usage
Structured for interpretation by design tools - common source for all =
Formal but flexible format
Easily human readable - more ADA than C - VHDL proposed as basis.
Long Comments can be included - May include PDF pictures and diagrams =
like current data sheets
Support individual devices - resistors to integrated circuits - =
Support assembles - DIMM's, Processor Boards, Modules - Merceds


Size of package(s)
Clearance Requirements
Bonding requirements
Soldering requirements
Mechanical specifications
weight, max acceleration

Heat distribution - thermal stress
Power usage
Thermal model for heat transfer
leads - Conduction
heatsink requirement
Heat flow Theta JA Theta JC=20
Maximum and Mimimum die(s) Temperature

Pin Definitions and Pin Names - Possible standard symbol for schematics
VHDL ENTITY equivalent
Pin DC and AC specifications (IBIS) and Spice models
Power Consumption, Static and Dynamic
Pin parasitic topological specification
RLC and / or Transmission Line format
Emissions and Susceptibility

Timing model for design verification
Setup and Holds
Clock to out
Single cycle timing
Multi-cycle timing
Asynchronous and Synchronous timing
MOTIVE like description

Subcircuit Topology
DIMM boards
Processor Modules
TAB specifications
Hybrid Specifications
Similar to Quad Topology file
Cross Talk Characteristics
Magnetic and/or Capacitive coupling

What the part does=20
VHDL Architecture descriptor
What Model parameters are useful for simulation?

Addressing the inside parts
Register specification=20
" header file" information

Design Tool firms
Assembly houses
Chip Suppliers
Simulation Software vendors

A formal format will be needed for the above information, proposals and =
contributions are solicited. The above list will be modified and =
supplemented by the working group.=20

As much of the committee work as possible will be handled via a email =
reflector. Some meetings will be required. All IEEE standards working =
committee requirements will be followed. =20

If you are interested in WORKING on this effort please respond by email =

Bob Davis
Summit Computer Systems, Inc.
[email protected]


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