SI-LIST archives (was RE: [SI-LIST] : admin test message (ignore

Andrew Ingraham ([email protected])
Thu, 11 Jun 1998 08:23:39 -0400


I see you have updated the Archives. I didn't get a chance to check
them again before you did this.

About the "most recent" posting (the one on the bottom of the [Date]
page) being from February ... you wrote:

> I just looked at it and it says that the "most recent posting"
> was on May 22, 1998. Perhaps your browser has an old page

I had hit the Reload button several times, so it shouldn't be an old
page still in cache. Also, I cleared my Netscape cache, just to be
certain. In any event, when I check it today (since you updated
everything), I still find that one mysterious message, now one up from
the bottom of the [date] list, with the subject "Message from mail
server" and no apparent author. This time, though, it is dated April 2,
rather than February. This is just above the bottom of the [date]
listing, where it should be among the most recent (and is out of place
with respect to its neighboring messages).

Regarding my observation that messages didn't correspond to the correct
listings in the [Subject] page ... it appears the problem is still
there; and worse!

For example, on the [Subject] page, if I go to "Differential pair skew"
(about 2/3 down), and click on the first listed message (by Don
Abernathey, 30 Jul 1996), I instead get a message from you about a
different subject!

If I try the second message (by me, Andy Ingraham, 30 Jul 1996), I get
one from Mike Jenkins about the same subject. It appears to be the
message that is two below the one I selected.

Several times, but not always, I seem to retrieve a message that is
about two below the one I click on. I have reloaded the page several
times, just in case my Netscape screen display is somehow out of sync
with the links it thinks I am selecting; but this keeps happening.

Heck ... if I pick the very first message listed on the [Subject] page
(by Mark Nass), I get the fourth message instead (by D. C. Sessions)!
So now the problem even shows up at the top of the list.

I am also finding the problem in the [Author] listing too. If I click
on some of my own postings (starting with the third one under my name),
I get other people's postings instead. Sometimes the same subject,
sometimes not.

So, it still looks like a mess. But thanks for trying to fix it.