Re: [SI-LIST] : IBIS Version 3.0

Stephen Peters ([email protected])
Tue, 19 May 1998 14:46:23 -0700

Recently, Ravinder Ajmani wrote:
> I have been approached by one of our chip vendors who wants to know if we would
> require IBIS ver. 3.0 models. I will appreciate if someone can advise me about
> the enhancements and benefits of using IBIS ver. 3.0 over ver. 2.1.
> Regards,
> Ravinder Ajmani

The major IBIS ver. 3.0 enhancements include:

1. Enhanced package model -- the ability to describe the package leads
as uncoupled transmission lines and not just lumped L/R/C

2. The ability to explicitly describe an output that contains multiple output
transistors with staggered turn-on/turn-off

3. The inclusion of data that allows for modeling of diode transit time

4. The selection of alternate drivers on a signal

5. A new Electrical Board Description (.ebd file) that allows one to
describe a
SIMM or chip-on-board type module as one component.

In brief, if your modeling SIMM modules, want better package models, or have a
complex output that cannot be satisfactorily modeled using the existing V/T
then including ver 3.0 data in your IBIS model may be required. I hope this

Best Regards,
Stephen Peters
Intel Corp.