[SI-LIST] : Lossy lines,TDR and connectors

Chris Knapton ([email protected])
Mon, 4 May 1998 15:01:07 -0400

1a) When simulating a lossy tline when should you consider G in the RLCG
b) When should you use Cm and Lm in coupled lines and how are these
values derived.

2) Through hole connectors have barrels in the pcb . Which has the
largest coupling barrel to barrel or pads to plane? Is there any
formula for calculating these 2 coupling phenomena in multi layer

3) When performing a differential TDR on a 2 millimeter connector (Berg
HS), I see the barrels in the board appear to be 40 ohms. This clearly
is 40 ohms because it appears on both sides of the connector and each
pcb is a different thickness. The trace impedance of 40 ohm is 125 pS
long for one board (62 mils thick) and the other board is 210 pS (100
mils thick). In between it does go to 50 ohm. Has anyone else seen this.

Chris Knapton