[SI-LIST] : Self and mutual inductance

Lidu Huang ([email protected])
Fri, 01 May 1998 09:57:20 -0400

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(If the figures do not appear on your screen, and you would
 like to see the results, please drop me an email. Thank you.)
Hello everyone,

I made some calculations for self inductance for the following 2
cases and mutual inductance for the 2nd case. Any comment/
criticism is welcome.

 1. Isolated single busbar
 2. 3 busbar as shown below

The self inductance for an isolated single busbar vs frequency
looks like this

For 3 busbar configulation shown in the first figure, the top busbar is
excited by a current.  The self inductance vs frequency is shown below,


Compare these results with the single busbar case, the inductance
at low frequency is about 40% lower, and at high frequencies, the
inductance becomes zero. IS THIS TRUE? I welcome any input.

The mutual inductances are

The mutual inductances seem to be reasonable, but again any
input is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your attention!

Best regards,

Lidu Huang
Texas Instruments, Tel: 508 2363747