[SI-LIST] : Switching current and pull-down current

Weber Chuang ([email protected])
Mon, 20 Apr 1998 15:36:41 +0800

Dear SI_listers,

One of my friends who works for a DRAM chip vendor asked me a question
the other day, and I don't know what exactly the answer should be, maybe
some of you can explain the reason, so I post it here.
On the Intel's PC-100 SDRAM spec, we can see that Iol(AC)(@Vout=1.65V)
=75.4mA (min). And in the pull-down characteristic, we can also see
that Iout(@Vout=1.65V)=75.4mA (min), you can see that they are the same,
but the later one should be a DC characteristic(which can be acquired by
DC sweep) while the former one is a AC characteristic(which should be
measured using transient), should they be the same? Or could they?
Please correct me if I am wrong, thanks a million!

Best Regards

Weber Chuang(ChingFu Chuang)
SI Engineer, System Team.
VIA Technologies, Inc.
Taipei, Taiwan, ROC
Very Innovative Architecture