Re: [SI-LIST] : Inductance vs. frequency

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I don't know chips and fine lines, but I would guess that at 10MHz+ yo=
would be in the LC regime rather than in the RC regime.

Thank you for your response. My guess is that if we measure R at DC, th=
the whole RC delay can be off 10X at 10MHz, or even more at 100MHz. Whi=
ch I
haven't seen on chips.
May be someone in this group can comment on it for us.

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Subject: Re: [SI-LIST] : Inductance vs. frequency

>I can't give you an absolute answer, but it looks constant from 0 to 1=
>and rises approximately as the square root of frequency from 100KHz to=

>That's about what I would expect from skin effect.
>Hi, interesting data.
>One quesiton, the resistance goes up 10X from DC to 10MHz, isn't that =
>high ?
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>Subject: RE: [SI-LIST] : Inductance vs. frequency
>I have some inductance data on 22 gauge high capacity twisted pair
>parameters are Hz, ohm/mile, mH/mile, umho/mile, uF/mile
> f R L G C
> 0 166.8 .802 --- .0825
> 1K 166.9 .798 1.2 .0820
>10K 168.6 .792 30.2 .0817
>100K 209 .773 603 .0810
> 1M 545 .654 8900 .0808
>10M 1725 .593 78400 .0808
>The inductance in this data is at least qualitatively
>similar to your data.
>I believe this data was determined by measuring characteristic
>impedence, propagation attenuation, and propagation velocity
>and then calculating R,L,G,C to match the data.