[SI-LIST] : Looking for SI consultants in the North East

Paul Franzon ([email protected])
Thu, 16 Apr 1998 19:02:21 -0400

A former student of mine is looking for an SI
consultant/consulting-company to help a customer of theirs. The customer
is based in New Jersey.

The problem is a non-working system which contains a GTL-driven backplane.
I would suggest that the consultant would need measurement and modeling
capability and might need some system capability. (In my past experience
with these sorts of problems, sometimes they are really protocol problems,
rather than SI problems. They often just get labelled as SI problems
because that is the part that the designers understand the least!)

Please let me know if you are are interested or can recommend anyone in
the tri-state region or even beyond who might be.


Paul Franzon

Paul Franzon, Associate Professor, North Carolina State University
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