[SI-LIST] : uBGA high frequency characteristics

Scott McMorrow ([email protected])
Wed, 15 Apr 1998 18:20:52 -0700

Anyone out there done any measurements or modeling of micro BGA
package parameters?

I'm working on a project where will be using them at the 400Mhz
frequency range with about 200 ps edge rates.

I'd be interested in hearing about high frequency package losses
that mitgate die input capacitance, and what one would consider
to be the best approach in Spice for modeling a bi directional I/O
pin. For example:

Simple RLC
Coupled Spice Matrix
Spice U elements
Spice W elements

I am trying to verify a current package modeling methodology that is in
use by my customer in their simulations. What are the accuracy issues,
and trade offs to be made by different modeling approaches, as verified
by real experience.


Scott McMorrow