Re: [SI-LIST] : viewing HSPICE results without awaves

Joe Cahill ([email protected])
Thu, 9 Apr 1998 17:53:04 -0400


We use a crude tool that comes with HSpice called hsplot.


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[email protected] on 04/09/98 12:21:59 PM
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Subject: [SI-LIST] : viewing HSPICE results without awaves

Does anyone have an effective way to view HSPICE
results without Avanti's awaves, (aka mwaves)? We
have awaves but have a temporary increase in HSPICE
usage so awaves is not always available to those in need.

We need a unix-based solution. We have xmgr, nutmeg,
and gnuplot that may be good viewing candidates. But
we need help in converting the .ac0, .tr0, etc., files to
a format taken by the viewing tool(s) mentioned above.
Presently, we can use .print statements to output the
node voltages to a file and then use a script to generate
x-y ascii files that are readable by xmgr and gnuplot.
However, it would be much better if there was some way
to get that information from the .ac0 or .tr0 files as all
of the node voltages should be available in those files.


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