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Kathy Breda ([email protected])
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***Minutes of the IBIS Users Group Meeting
held at DEC/Compaq on Thursday, March 19, 1998***

Thank you to Jeff Chu of DEC who coordinate the
meeting room and refreshments. Also, thanks
to Bob Haller of DEC who chaired the meeting
in Ed Sayre's absence - a job well done! =20

Next Meeting is Scheduled for Thursday, April 23, 1998
at 3:00PM. The meeting will be hosted by Joe Socha
of TRILOGIC, Inc. in Wilmington, MA. Directions and
Agenda to Follow.

Apologies for the late distribution of the minutes.

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IBIS Accuracy Sub-Committee Progress

A proposal has been written for the IBIS Accuracy Specification.
Each member of the Accuracy sub-committee is assigned to one
part of the specification. This was presented by Greg Edlund
and details from his presentation can be found below. Please
send ideas to Greg ([email protected]) about the specification.

* Define which IBIS features and driver families to cover.
* Define different levels of accuracy so the user can decide which
is appropriate for his or her own application.

Test Loads:
* Define a minimum set of test loads appropriate for the IBIS
features and driver families covered.

Measurement Techniques:
* Provide selection criteria for test equipment.
* Describe how to account for the electrical characteristics of
the test environment.

Comparison Metrics:
* Define a curve overlay metric for use when IC processing =20
conditions are known.
* Define an envelope metric for use when IC processing conditions =20
are unknown.
* Define a tabular format for reporting the results of the above
* Write a C program which implements the above metrics and creates =20
a summary table.

The IBIS model test board has been powered up and is in debug. A board
respin will be taking place. Once the IBIS Users' Web Page is ready the=20
Gerber files and schematics will be posted.

Software Aspects of IBIS Sub-Committee Progress

Paul Galloway is leading this sub-committee and portions of his
presentation can be found below.

Need for an IBIS development kit:=20
* It sounds like the recently announced Hyperlynx =93IBIS
Development=94 Suite may cover this requirement. See 2/26/98
e-mail message from [email protected] regarding how to get=20
the Hyperlynx Developer Tool Kit.

Need for enhanced s2ibis to correct issues with the existing s2ibis2:=20
* Capture issues and problems with s2ibis2 and determine what
specific features of IBIS 3.0 should be added, basically develop
a specification for the new s2ibis

* Proceed with soliciting funding by working with the IBIS Open =20
Forum and solicit member organizations for development funds and
researching available grants, etc. for development.
* Locate and schedule software development contractor for code
development of the new s2ibis utility

Action Item - Pursue funding through member organizations - Haruny Said
Action Item - Research potential availability of grants - Paul Galloway

Requirement for both a short (1 hour) "what is IBIS?" seminar:

* Material probably exists for this from several past IBIS
presentation we should leverage

Requirement for in depth course teaching IBIS model development(and usage=
* Need to develop curriculum outline and materials

Action Item - Contact Ed Sayre to move forward on development

The European Summit
* It was an interesting forum where the hot topic seemed to be=20
EMI in IBIS simulation.=20
* <KB comment> I believe copies of the presentations can be found by
going to ftp://ftp.eda.org/pub/ibis/summits/

Fabrizio Zanella is heading up the effort that focuses on the usability=20
of connector models. The IBIS connector model discussion has taken place=
in the past and was shelved, but has become a pressing industry and user=20
issue in the last one to two years. As a result, the sub-committee=20
feels that IBIS should include a defined format for connectors in IBIS 3.=

Highlights from Fabrizio's presentation follow:

Connector Models:

* The plan is to create a BIRD for the connector model - Fabrizio
was wondering if one existed already.
* Interconnect multiline models are created using EM tools that
output LRC matrices as SPICE sub circuits
* Last year connector vendors were not fully supporting IBIS. =20
They did not want to recreate multi line models
* The solution is for the sub-committee to develop a standard
format for connector and package multi line matrix model that
can be used by all simulators (avoid convergence issues)
* Plan is for the BIRD to be created this year
* Fabrizio is looking for participation of connector vendors in this ef=

Other Business

User Web Page
An outline has been created for the User Web Page by Kathy Breda and web=20
site construction is being handled by Andrew Philips. =20

A copy of the web page outline was presented and seemed to get good feedb=
Comments are appreciated and should be sent to Kathy at [email protected]

(first page:)

Welcome to the IBIS User Forum Web Page...

IBIS User Forum News - dates of next meetings...

IBIS User Forum Overview
IBIS User Meetings
Sub-Committee Activities
IBIS Tools
Useful IBIS related Links
On-line Chat

(and beyond first page:)

|----> IBIS User Forum Overview
- IBIS User Forum Mission
- IBIS User Forum Logistics (need better title)
--Who is involved (distribution list - maybe)
--sub-committees and contacts
--current projects (link to IBIS User Meetings)

- What is IBIS
--Description of IBIS
--Contacts (i.e. Link to IBIS Forum page)
|----> IBIS User Meetings
- News Item, announcing next meeting detail for
user meeting and sub-committees
- Minutes & Agendas
-- User Forum
--- by date, meeting minutes, agenda for
upcoming meeting
-- Subcommittees
--- Subcommittee on accuracy
---- by date, meeting minutes, agendas
--- Subcommittee on software aspects of IBIS
---- by date, meeting minutes, agendas

- Presentations
-- Presentations from meetings (link back to meetings)
--- Abstract with PDF and ZIP availability?
-- Other Interesting presentations
--- Abstract with PDF and ZIP availability?
|----> Sub-committee Activities
- Sub-committee on accuracy
-- Members
-- link to minutes & Agendas
-- Test Board Design
--Test board schematics
--Test board simulation files
-- Other stuff?

-- Other?

- Sub-committee on Software Aspects.... =20
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-- Education Topics
-- Other?=20