Re: [SI-LIST] : SPICE Buffer Models

Savithri S. ([email protected])
Wed, 1 Apr 1998 10:08:30 +0000

On Mar 31, 2:53pm, Elizabeth Perigault wrote:
> Subject: [SI-LIST] : SPICE Buffer Models
> Hello:
> I have a strange request. This comes from getting vendors who have
> difficulty in or are unable in providing schematics of their sometimes
> very complex buffer models.
> Does anyone know if there is a tool out there that can generate a
> schematic (transistors, transmission lines etc) from a SPICE file?
> thanks,
> Lisa

Lisa :

Please look for ChipMunk which is a public-domain tool available.
Infact you will have to compile the source code and you can tailor
it to your needs.


class 	SavithriS
extends SeniorSoftwareEngineer
implements VLSItools
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