Roy Leventhal ([email protected])
Tue, 31 Mar 1998 16:52:20 -0500


I jumped the gun just a little bit. The web page was
announced internally as available and is still being
worked on as I've found out myself. Give it a few days.

If you follow the first java spinning "free software" link
you will see the following statement:

"IBIS is the industry standard for describing input/output (I/O) buffer
characteristics. On top of the North Carolina State University's public
domain converter, we've developed an easy to use graphical user interface
that makes it easier to develop IBIS v2.1 models using your native SPICE
simulator. Besides being easier and more effective to use, it also allows
you to create IBIS models that not only work with Cadence's SPECCTRAQuest
high-speed interconnect design solution, but also with any high-speed
solution that reads IBIS.

The kit includes instructions for setup, usage, examples, the IBIS
Golden Parser ibischk2, and the NCSU s2ibis2 and s2iplt0 programs."