[SI-LIST] : Controlled impedance in Flex Circuit

Roland F. Portman ([email protected])
Mon, 23 Mar 1998 14:22:57 -0800

I am designing a two layer Flexible Printed Circuit as shown below.
A ground signal is to the left and right of each signal on the same
and a ground is beneath (above) the signal on the bottom (top) layer.
There are 40 signals on the top and bottom layers.


I am trying to determine the characteristic impedance of this
The main variables will be the width of the trace and the space between
traces. The signal and ground traces do not have to be the same width.
I am hoping to get approximately 50 ohms.

The 2x40 SMD connector pads they will connect to are 0.5mm wide on a
0.8mm pitch.
The bottom traces will be brought to the top side using vias in the
middle of the

The dialectric constant for the Kapton with adhesive is 3.5.
The Kapton is 2mils thick and the adhesive is 1mil thick.
This will lead to a dialectric separation of 5 mils
between the top and bottom traces.
The RA (rolled annealed - soft) copper is 1oz (1.4mils).

All the impedance calculators I have found require a copper plane and
assumes an infinite width for this plane (UltraCAD and Polar).
I have looked through Howard Johnson's Black Magic book and did not
find any applicable examples (ribbon cable came close).

Does someone know of a calculator which will calculate the
impedance of this arrangement?

Thanks in advance,


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