[SI-LIST] : Looking for Signal Integrity Engineers

Steven Ray ([email protected])
Wed, 04 Mar 1998 17:22:08 -0800


Rambus Inc. currently a few openings for Signal Integrity and
Packaging engineers. We are a developer of high-speed semiconductor
interfaces used primarily in DRAM products. As we push speeds ever higher,
we need to consider the effects of all components of chip-to-chip
interconnect in addition to the
semiconductor design.

This includes
evaluation of component packaging, BGA substrate design, PCB routing,
signal termination, reference voltage noise reduction, elimination of
resonances, high-speed clock generation, etc. The positions we have
available will deal with all of these issues (and more) in designs being
developed by our customers.

If you might be interested in joining a fast
growing company that is pushing the limits of signaling technology in
mainstream consumer and business products, please feel free to send a
resume or contact us as listed below.

Company web site:

Job descriptions:

Phone - Recruiting: 650-944-7700
Main number:

Fax: 650-944-8080

e-mail -
Recruiting: [email protected]

US Mail: Rambus
Human Resources Dept.

2465 Latham Street
View, CA 94040

Thank you for your time,

Steven Ray
Rambus Inc.
Direct Tel: New phone number as of 2/2/98: 650-944-7664
Main Tel: New phone number as of 2/2/98: 650-944-8000
Main Fax: New phone number as of 2/2/98: 650-944-8080
e-mail: [email protected]