[SI-LIST] : IBIS User Forum Meeting Minutes - 2/12/98

Kathy Breda ([email protected])
Sun, 22 Feb 1998 14:00:17 -0500

***Minutes of the IBIS Users Group meeting
held at EMC on Thursday, February 12, 1998***

Thank you to Fabrizio Zanella, Fawn Engelmann and EMC for
hosting this month's meeting and providing refreshments.
I want to thank the members of the user forum in
general for being so helpful in coordinating meeting space.

This was a relatively quiet meeting. The purpose was to mainly
catch up on the happenings from the IBIS Summit and DesignCon98.
Overall, the group found the IBIS summit interesting and useful.

The European IBIS summit meeting is being held on Thursday,
February 26, 1998 in Paris, France. Paul Galloway of Cadence
Design, IBIS User Forum and Software Aspects of IBIS...
committee chairman, is attending the Paris meeting.

Subcommittee on Accuracy:

Notes from Greg Edlund's presentation

Regarding the IBIS Summit

*There is strong interest in the topic of model accuracy
although there will be some disagreement about implementation.

*We were encouraged by veterans of the IBIS committee to pursue the
accuracy specification. IBIS was intended to be open-minded and

*Two IC vendors whish to be involved in the sub-committee on
accuracy: TI and Fairchild!

*Hyperlynx announced an exciting new product: IBIS Developer's Tool
Kit for $ 3,000.

*Users bring a valuable, and previously under-represented, contribution
to the committee.

*We have to face the simulation engine question someday soon -

*Do we need a full-scale accuracy test bed, i.e. models and simulation
engines vs. test hardware?

*How can we broaden the scope of the User's Group? There is a need for
user education. Can we contribute to this need on a larger scale?

A concept board is in the works for running IBIS models, etc. There
is hope that the details of the board and its follow-on will be placed
on the web site (see below re: web site).

The next accuracy subcommittee meeting is being held, Thursday,
February 26, 1998 at 3:00 at Digital, Maynard, MA. Contact Greg Edlund
([email protected]) if you would like more information.

Other Business:

*Next User Forum Meeting:

Date: Thursday, March 19, 1998
Time: 3:00 PM
Location: Digital Equipment Corp., Hudson, MA
Customer Conf. Center, D309, HLO2/third floor.


*User Web Site: We would like to develop an IBIS Users web site.
Presentations, minutes,technical details regarding test boards and other
pertinent technical information will be placed on the web site.
This is just getting off the ground so stay tuned.
Kathy Breda of NESA and Paul Galloway are going to be driving the

Kathy spoke with Bob Ross while at DesignCon98 and received support for
the activity. The User site will hyperlink to the formal IBIS site.

*Distribution List: Kathy will be making available an e-mail distribution
of IBIS user group attendees to the group. This is on the to-do list and
should be done by the next IBIS user group meeting in March.

*There has been a request that "crash" courses on IBIS be made available.
More discussion needed here. Ed Sayre offered to assist with a curriculum.

Information of Interest:

I thought the following IBIS contact information may be very useful to people.
Hope it helps.

IBIS CHAIR: Bob Ross (503) 603-2523, Fax (503) 639-3469
[email protected]
Modeling Engineer, Interconnectix
10220 SW Nimbus Ave, K4, Portland, OR 97223

VICE CHAIR: Syed Huq (408) 721-4874, Fax: (408) 721-4785
[email protected]
Staff Applications Engineer, National Semiconductor, M/S A-2595
2900 Semiconductor Drive, Santa Clara, CA 95052

SECRETARY: Stephen Peters (503) 264-4108, Fax: (503) 264-4515
[email protected]
Senior Hardware Engineer, Intel Corporation
M/S JF1-56
2111 NE 25th Ave.
Hillsboro, Oregon 97124-5961

LIBRARIAN: Jon Powell (805) 988-8250, Fax: (805) 988-8259
[email protected]
Senior Scientist, Viewlogic (formerly Quad Design)
1385 Del Norte Rd., Camarillo, CA 93010

The following e-mail addresses are used:

[email protected]
To join, change, or drop from either the IBIS Open Forum Reflector
([email protected]), the IBIS Users' Group Reflector ([email protected])
or both. State your request.

[email protected]
To obtain general information about IBIS, to ask specific questions
for individual response, and to inquire about joining the EIA-IBIS
Open Forum as a full Member.

[email protected]
To send a message to the general IBIS Open Forum Reflector. This
is used mostly for IBIS Standardization business and future IBIS
technical enhancements. Job posting information is not permitted.

[email protected]
To send a message to the IBIS Users' Group Reflector. This is
used mostly for IBIS clarification, current modeling issues, and
general user concerns. Job posting information is not permitted.

[email protected]
To report ibischk2 parser bugs. The Bug Report Form Resides on
eda.org in /pub/ibis/bugs/ibischk/bugform.txt along with reported bugs.

To report s2ibis, s2ibis2 and s2iplt bugs, use the Bug Report Forms
which reside under eda.org in /pub/ibis/bugs/s2ibis/bugs2i.txt,
/pub/ibis/bugs/s2ibis2/bugs2i2.txt, & /pub/ibis/bugs/s2iplt/bugsplt.txt

Information on IBIS technical contents, IBIS participants, and actual
IBIS models are available on the IBIS Home page found by selecting the
Electronic Information Group under:


Check the pub/ibis directory on eda.org for more information on previous
discussions and results. You can get on via FTP anonymous.

"IBIS Spoken Here" placards are available from Jon Powell ([email protected]) for
use at trade shows.