Re: [SI-LIST] : SI openings at Stratus -- ... last one

Murali Raj ([email protected])
Thu, 12 Feb 1998 16:06:53 -0800 (PST)

My apologies to those who were
offended or otherwise put off with
my strong response.

I am back on this group - or I believe
it was this - after a long time.

As another responder suggested, the signal-to-noise
ratio apparently is very high on this list
which permits tolerance for such messages.

While I apologize for my comments due to lack of
exposure to the group, I still believe it is
unwise to use this forum for anything other than
what its original intent was.

On Thu, 12 Feb 1998, Prasad Modali - Katmai Design wrote:

-->Sorry, but I do not understand what is so outrageous about Steve's posting.
-->People have done this before and I do not remember seeing such a caustic
-->response...I'd just ignore it...
-->Earlier, Murali Raj writes:
-->[Charset unsupported, skipping...]
--> This is absolutely outrageous.
--> I strongly object to this.
--> Please do not make spoil the sanctity
--> of a group to which people sign on for
--> information and knowledge exchange.
--> Not for receiving, as you very mildly put it,
--> "junk mail".
--> Its people like you who give the web a bad name.
--> I hope you desist from such activities in the future
--> and start using ethical means of finding people
--> to work in your organization.
-->On Thu, 12 Feb 1998 [email protected] wrote:
-->-->Sorry for the "junk" mail... but if any of you signal fidelity engineers
-->-->are available... please read on:
-->-->My name is Steve Mango and I am the hiring manager of the Analog and
-->-->Signal Fidelity Group at Stratus (a fault tolerant computer design
-->-->company) in Marlboro, Ma. I have openings for signal fidelity engineers
-->-->to join my fast-growing team. I would prefer full time permanent
-->-->engineers, but I am willing to consider contractors.
-->-->My group must solve many high-speed technical challenges as we push
-->-->clock and bus speeds >100MHz. I am looking for experienced signal
-->Press any key to return to group. [Note: These positions are for
-->-->USERS of signal fidelity tools to solve complex problems, rather than
-->-->for software developers of new software analysis tools.]
-->-->* Help define/diagnose/solve complex signal fidelity problems (clock
-->-->generation/distribution, interconnect design, timing, termination,
-->-->decoupling, power/ground distribution, package/connector selection,
-->-->* You should have at least 3-5 years experience in the signal fidelity
-->-->and high speed digital design field.
-->-->* You should have hands-on experience with modeling and simulating with
-->-->Quad Design tools (MOTIVE, XTK, TLC), SPICE (PSPICE and HSPICE),
-->-->electromagnetic field solvers (e.g., Greenfield, Pacific Numerix,
-->-->Maxwell 3D, etc). Candidate should be familiar with high speed board
-->-->interconnect routers (Allegro and CCT router preferred). Experience with
-->-->IBIS modeling and Interconnectix software is a major plus. Candidate
-->-->should also be familiar with high speed test plan development, test
-->-->measurements techniques and lab equipment (HP and Tektronix). Experience
-->-->with current high speed processors and multiple logic families is
-->-->desirable. Other pluses are experience with custom ASIC cell design,
-->-->phase lock loops, hot plug, FET switches, PCI Bus, SCSI bus, and
-->-->web-based documentation.
-->-->M-7 Education: BS degree minimum.
-->-->ItM-^Rs an exciting time here at Stratus
-->-->Come Join our team.
-->-->Please call me at (508) 490-6231
-->-->Or email me at: [email protected]